The path is where you go.

R'adys is the essence of a a moving biography: the passionate Swiss outdoor athlete and functional clothing expert, Adrian Ruhstaller, was active in the apparel industry for 10 years before he founded his own company and brand in 2003, at the age of 30. Since 2004, R'ADYS is available in Swiss outdoor retail stores and has in the meantime made a name for itself internationally as an innovation leader in the area of bonding technology (R'SONIC).

Adrian Ruhstaller knows the textile industry well enough to know where it is tending to compromises. That's exactly why terms as quality and sustainability are not just empty words, but essential elements that are fully integrated into the program. R'ADYS wants to lead the transformation of the textile chain towards sustainability, and thereby incite the competition to follow. The best example for this is the elimination of PFC's from waterproof clothing, which R'ADYS was the first outdoor apparel industry player to succeed in.

R'ADYS has consciously followed its own path from the beginning. The focus on the essentials outdoors is expressed in the ingenious clothing concept. No other brand manages to give such a clear guidance on what to wear outside at which temperature and which activity. The result is a unique level of comfort, that makes reaching ones goals easier for everyone. Therefore get yourself equipped and follow your own path!

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